Secrecy and discretion seem to be the key words when it comes to menstruation. With the help of sanitary pads, menstruation is “visible” only behind closed doors. But going to the toilet to change a pad while at school or work can be quite stressful, especially for young women who may have just gotten their first period.
Every woman knows how much effort she puts into discreetly passing a sanitary pad to a colleague or hiding it from the public.
Such a taboo label has led women to hide their menstruation from people in their surroundings, especially from men. Even women who are completely safe and confident during menstruation, carefully pick the right time when to visit the toilet and change the pad – the right time is when there are as few people around them as possible.
We at Violeta think that women don’t have to feel that kind of pressure. However, taboos don’t change so easily and that’s why in surveys with our customers we have come to the conclusion that women want pads they can discreetly change.
That is why we have decided to pack the new AIR FIT pads in NOISE FREE packaging. The NOISE FREE innovation is a special design, where each individual pad is wrapped in a non-woven material that does not rustle.
From now on, you can endure the first menstrual period, but also all others, quietly, discreetly and with even more confidence!