They say that all good things never come alone, and the same goes for AIR FIT insoles, so let’s go in order:

1. AIR FIT ensures 0% irritation. Our products are free from dyes and elemental chlorine. Without getting too philosophical, this means that they do not release pollutants called dioxins into your body.

2. Forget about perfumes. We take a firm stand – NO fragrances. Even though we also deal with odors during menstruation, we still don’t want to disturb the pH balance of the intimate area.

3. Dermatologically tested, so you can truly feel good in your skin. All the materials we use to make Air Fit insoles are tested to protect your skin from irritation. We help you forget that menstruation is here – who has time for itching or any discomfort?

4. Selected materials for a 100% safe product. Each element of AIR FIT insoles has undergone an intensive quality and safety check by our specialist team. These passionate experts are extremely meticulous and ensure that our pads are completely safe to use. Assessments include analysis of chemical impurities, toxicological tests, and safety studies on the skin of the intimate area. The ultimate mission? Providing products that are safe and gentle on your skin.

5. We have standards. Our production, where all the magic happens, has successfully passed rigorous tests to certify AIR FIT insoles as safe for all of you and our planet. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates are world-class standards for quality management systems and environmental impact, confirming that we produce the absolute best insoles for you. That’s not all – IFS, as the most demanding standard, ensures that every pad and every single Intimo tissue is of the same quality.

6. We have an attitude – we treat the planet responsibly. Waste doesn’t have to be thrown away; it just needs to be repurposed. In cooperation with European partners, the waste material created in the production of our insoles is transformed into useful energy. By giving it a new purpose, by the end of 2020, we will prevent as many as 73 tons of waste from becoming garbage!

7. It is good to be good. We have taken the position that as a socially responsible company, we will work conscientiously and according to ethical principles. We have a close relationship with our raw material suppliers, and we expect them to do the same. We do not use animals in our testing, and we strongly oppose it – we are Cruelty-free. We are looking for ways to strengthen controls in our supply chain to ensure that our material suppliers show the same love for our furry friends. Through various partner projects, we donate our products and provide financial aid to those in need, with a strong emphasis on helping children and individuals in need.

8. Let’s buy local. Let’s support domestic production and save jobs.