Let’s be realistic- natural things are sometimes not pleasant, and we think it’s finally time to break the rules and talk about this taboo topic. Why are we so hesitant to even just talk about the “work” we do in the bathroom? Very often we suffer and delay our needs when we are in a public place, in the office, when we have sleepovers, or not to mention the first dates or visiting relatives. The biggest phobia we have is related to the unpleasant smell that is left behind after using the toilet and which is relentlessly spreading through the space. How many times have we convinced ourselves that the use of fresheners or perfumes is not enough for this problem, moreover, in this case we often have a counter-effect. We are taught to be ashamed to even talk about needs and necessities, so we frown at the very mention of such things, and there is a professional name for this social fear – Coprophobia. It is an irrational and unjustified fear of feaces.

But don’t worry- what used to be just a dream or an unattainable idea is here today! We are presenting Pre Poo. Pre Poo completely changes the experience of using the toilet for you, but also for those who use it after, in a way that prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors even before they occur – seriously! It is a product that easily enters the routine of using the toilet, so such experience can be relaxing and without unnecessary worries, especially in the spaces we share with others.

This revolutionary toilet spray frees you from unpleasant odors, and therefore unpleasant thoughts, because there are much more important things to take care of. It shifts the focus and care about the need that we all have.

Use is very simple: shake the bottle before use, spray 2-3 times inside the toilet bowl, do everything necessary and voilà!

Pre Poo is a combination of essential oils and strictly preserved ingredients, which give it an extraordinary function, so that the toilet behind you remains incredibly fragrant, freeing you from worries and shame due to great urgency. Because after all, it’s something completely natural. What matters is what’s inside! Therefore in Pre Poo we do not use:

o Parabens

o Formaldehyde

o Organic gases, under pressure

o Ethanol

We care about your health, your toilet and this precious world we live in. That’s why we don’t use ANY strong chemicals, and the power of Pre Poo is in good ingredients and a little magic. Unlike other fresheners, Pro Poo is safe to inhale and safe to rinse.

It’s amazing how a little freshness can affect on your toilet, friendships or love relationships – your life!